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Deborah helped us sell our TIC and was fantastic. She had an excellent sense of which way the market was headed through a really turbulent time in the Summer / Fall of 2020. She talked through where she thought we should price at and what our expectations should be up front. Once we were ready to sell, she had a detailed checklist and timeline of what needed to happen. As first time sellers this was educational and helpful. She basically sourced and managed the needed vendors but always checked if we wanted to use someone else first. All the prep work was done seamlessly and on schedule. Showings were very professional and well organized, generating leads even in a challenging environment. Deborah was in close communication throughout, reachable pretty much any time of day or night. Once we were in contract, she managed the closing process really effectively. It was a pleasure working with Deborah and we will definitely work with her again! - 12/29/2022 
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BEST real estate agent ever!!! My husband and I have worked with multiple real estate agents over the years, as we have moved seven times in 11 years for work. Nobody is better than Deborah in terms of knowledge of the business, the San Francisco market and enjoyment of the process. Deborah made the process of finding a condo for our daughter easy and fun. Not only did we find the perfect home to purchase but we learned so many fun and useful facts about the various neighborhoods she escorted us through. Also, as this was our first condo purchase, there were so many relevant facts to know that Deborah readily educated us on. She even recommended the absolutely best financial officer to help us get the best rates in the market. Cannot recommend Deborah highly enough! - 9/22/2022 
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No, you won't find a better realtor.

My house was not a classic home to sell. To complicate matters, interest rates were rising and we had a neighbor who went out of her way to inject stress into the sale. Deborah provided warm, solid advice throughout the sales process, from start to finish. From the smallest detail of getting ready for showing, to her grasp of changing market conditions, from her exception communication skills, to her exemplary team - she is simply the best. - 8/07/2022 
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We are pretty experienced in buying homes in competitive markets. We've lived in multiple major cities across the US and at this point know that an experienced and savvy realtor can turn an otherwise stressful competitive situation in our favor. Deborah Nguyen helped us find our dream home and then sell it when we moved on to the next stage of our life. We truly cannot praise her highly enough. When we were interested in buying in SF, she understood perfectly what our needs and desires were and she was matter-of-fact about what was available to us in our price range. She didn't waste our time looking at spaces that she knew we would not like. She also told us very directly how much we needed to spend to get what we wanted. She guided us through every stage of the buying process and helped us with anything we needed after closing and moving in.

Years later when it came time to sell our house, Deborah brought us all the way from beginning to end, overseeing the repairs and renovations we needed and making our house beautiful on an incredibly economical budget. She understands the rhythms and cycles of the San Francisco market and knows each neighborhood with an incredible depth of knowledge. She timed our sale perfectly, and we obtained a higher value than we thought possible. We have routinely put a tremendous amount of trust in Deborah, more than we can imagine putting in any other real estate agent. We are so, so lucky to have had the good fortune to work with her. We give her our absolute highest recommendation. - 7/05/2022 
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Lauren K.
We had the pleasure of working with Deborah during our home search, which began amongst the pandemic as we started to explore neighborhoods and learn more about the city. Deborah was incredibly astute, helpful, and intuitive while exploring our needs and matching them to the most suitable micro-neighborhoods. As a first-time homebuyer, it was invaluable to have Deborah's extensive experience in prioritizing the many facets of a home in a structured way.

As we became increasingly ready to purchase a home, Deborah gave us a highly accurate and robust view of the San Francisco real estate market. Her ability to understand value, market conditions, and communicate in a clear and decisive way took a great deal of stress out of the home buying process. We constantly felt like we were the top priority and that we had a highly dedicated partner in Deborah.

When it came to the negotiations, we feel that Deborah's extensive knowledge, dedication, and network positioned us to achieve everything we wanted in a home and it surprisingly fit within our budget. Working with Deborah greatly exceeded our expectations and some months later, reflecting back, working with her was the best decision we made in the home search process. We couldn't have been happier with both the process and the outcome.

We can most highly recommend Deborah and cannot praise her abilities as a real estate agent highly enough! - 4/12/2022 
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Deborah is everything you want in an agent. She is knowledgeable about the area and has now three times smoothly helped us buy and sell homes. For the latest sale, she orchestrated work prior to the sale, staging, and all the prep as we had already moved out of town. Deborah did an amazing job on the negotiations. We used user to sell in 1999, buy in 2014 and now sell again in 2022. My wife and I can't recommend her highly enough. She sweats all the details as if it was her home! - 3/25/2022 
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If you're reading this you're at least considering working with Deborah. Clearly you're wondering what all the 5 stars are about. I'm here to let you know: You will not, ever, find a better real estate agent than Deborah. She is absolutely best in class and embodies everything you need on your side in what is arguably one of the more significant milestones in life.

Here's why: Deborah's market knowledge is impeccable. Her strategy on timing, pricing, presentation in conjunction with fulfilling our own needs is a winning combination. Through our time working together, what set her apart was her transparency, insight, attention to detail, diligence, follow-through and general advocacy through the whole process, truly remarkable.

Our scenario: My senior parents wanted to relocate. After 50 years in SF their home needed a "little" freshening up (aka overhaul). With Deborah's trusted network we transformed what already was a SF classic into a show stopper! I could hardly believe my eyes at the reveal and the listing pictures. Under my breath I could be heard saying I wish "I" could have kept the place! I digress. Heeding all Deborah's advice, we were able to get my parents a price well over asking, securing their future and livelihoods. Through it all, she remained reassuring, patient, kind and wise. This was not easy. My mother, that cried thought the first walk through, was so enamored with her that she just wanted hug her to thank her for everything she'd done. Not to mention inviting her to family dinner and new housewarming party.

I could go on but honestly, if I keep you any longer its more time you have without her. Your time time would be better spent reaching out to Deborah. You will not regret it. - 3/21/2022 
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Deborah was recommended to us by friends and was invaluable in finding our home in San Francisco. We made several offers with Deborah and for each one she was an expert guide, she gave us accurate price ranges and what factors were important for us to decide. She was super responsive and supportive without putting any pressure on us, alerting us when a possible house match was coming on the market and texting or calling when we had a question about a listing.

Throughout the process Deborah was patient and extremely informative with expertise in the area, process, loans, and trade-offs of San Francisco houses. - 2/10/2022 
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Looking for houses on your own in San Francisco can be described as frustrating and disheartening. Just as we were about to give up our search a colleague recommended Deborah to us, and she did not disappoint.

As first time home buyers we often didn't know what questions to ask and where to look, but Deborah was there to help guide us with her knowledge and experience in San Francisco neighborhoods and homes. She would often bring up items we wouldn't have known to look for ourselves. Never sugarcoating her words she made sure we knew what to expect for each house we viewed and didn't pressure us into jumping on the first house we liked. Instead, she talked us through our options and weighed the pros and cons, before helping us make a decision and ultimately an offer. - 1/10/2022 
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Andrew F.
I highly recommend Deborah to anyone that is looking for a place in San Francisco! Deborah was referred to me and my fiancé from by brother and it couldn't have worked out better! She was responsive, prompt, honest with her opinions / answer to our questions (and would back them up with examples), and genuinely wanted to help us find the right place for us.

We started seriously looking for a place in August 2021. After speaking with us on the phone and getting to know more about us, what we were looking for and in what price range we scheduled a follow up where she took us to several open houses so we could get feel for what was out there. Throughout the entire process she wasn't pushy, she let us move at our own pace and she took to the time to answer all of our questions and walk us through each step, which for first time buyers was very important. She was also extremely knowledgeable and used her years of experience to point out things out to us that we would not have known to ask or consider.

Once we did find a place she helped us move quickly to get everything in order. Even though it was a stressful couple of days she was there to answer questions and keep us on track. She stayed with us through the entire process from when the offer was ultimately accepted to when we closed on the place and picked up on keys!

We could not have asked for a better experience! - 1/04/2022 
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scotto m.
Deborah is a 6 star realtor!
She had helped us with buying our house in 2018 and we have asked her also to assist us in selling the property in 2021. She is excellent in client relationship, she guided us through the entire process, gave us great recommendations to prepare the house for sale and maximize its potential. Deborah has an incredible pulse of the market conditions, go to market best timing, her pricing strategy turned out to be successful and her house advertising was flawless. And, cherry on the cake, she mixes her professionalism with her caring attitude which makes you always feel you are in the best possible hands! - 9/10/2021 
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Deborah is the top of tops we’ve worked with - in the entire real estate profession, but also in one of the most complicated markets. She’s the most fair, honest, clear and focused person and balances that with a ton of consideration and thought towards your own personal life, career, needs and dreams to really help you find the best path through a milestone in your life. She also has so much experience that there’s never a surprise with her, and through both purchasing and selling homes with her over the past 5 years, we definitely threw some curveballs. But every single time, and without hesitation, she knew (in detail) what to do.

We could not speak more highly of Deborah, or recommend her enough!! - 7/23/2021 
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